Low Quiescent Current (4nA/10nA) Slew Rate Controlled Load Switches


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For Portable Applications: Cellular Phones – Smart Phones – PDAs – Bluetooth Headsets - MP3/MP4 Players – GPS – other portable devices.

AP2280 and AP2281 Product Highlights

The AP2280 and AP2281 slew rate-controlled load switches are single P-channel MOSFET power switches designed for high-side load switching or power distribution applications. The MOSFET has a typical RDS(ON) of 80mO at 5V, allowing increased load current handling capability with a low forward voltage drop. The turn-on slew rate of the devices is controlled internally to reduce turn-on inrush current.

• AP2280-1 and AP2281-3 have 100µs turn-on rise times.

• AP2280-2 and AP2281-1 power on slowly at 1ms making these suitable for different load conditions.

The AP2280 and AP2281 load switches are designed to operate from 1.5V to 6.0V, making them ideal for 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V systems. Their typical quiescent supply current is only 4nA/10nA, making them ideal for battery powered distribution systems where the power consumption is a concern. The slew control limits inrush current and improves system performance and reliability with minimized power-on transients.

Key Applications for AP2280 and AP2281

• Replacement for discrete solutions - The AP2280 and AP2281 are fully integrated and offer advantages in inrush current over discrete MOSFET switches. Inrush current can be minimized to reduce the current demand from power supplies and also improve system stability.

• Battery Powered Applications – for power rail switching to minimize power loss during power off.

• The 4nA/10nA supply and shutdown currents of the AP2280 and AP2281 make them especially desirable for battery applications where low power consumption is a must and extending battery life is a concern.

• Microprocessor and ASIC’s applications use variations of rise time for core and I/O power sequencing control, The AP228X series offers two options to choose from for rise time control - 100µs for AP2280-1 & AP2281-3 and 1ms for AP2280-2 & AP2281-1.


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